Affordable Web Design In Adelaide, South Australia


Sikos Web Consulting is a web consultancy in Adelaide that provides cost-effective websites through the latest standards. We offer SEO-optimised websites, Responsive Web Design, mobile applications, eCommerce, Content Management, and online marketing solutions with free consultation and negotiable prices. Knowing how many people have concerns about potential costs of professional web design, we provide negotiable prices to ensure that your website fits into your budget. Just tell us your budget and we get the most of it! Read more about Sikos Web Consulting…

Modern, Mobile-Ready Websites

Modern websites should work not only on desktop computers and laptops, but also on tablet PCs and smartphones that come with a small screen, limited scrollability, etc. How do you know whether your potential client uses an iPhone 5S, an iPad, a Samsung Galaxy S5, an HTC One, or a 27″ monitor? We apply Responsive Web Design techniques to provide websites with maximized usability. Read more on RWD…

Tablet PC

Internet Marketing And Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy applied to achieve premium positions on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Beyond the common digital marketing services such as link building, Social Media Marketing, or email campaigns, we also provide hand coded machine-readable metadata that can be automatically processed and displayed as Google Rich Snippets. Read more on SEO…

Technical Answers In Plain English

For those who are interested in web technologies, especially web standards, we have free online tutorials on emerging web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 modules, CSS3 transitions, Web Fonts, SVG, the Semantic Web, machine-readable metadata, Web accessibility, social networking, Open Linked Data, and more! Did you know that while HTML allows both capitalized and lowercase letters in element and attribute names, it is better to accustomed to lowercase letters, that are allowed in every markup (including XHTML, which is case-sensitive)? Or that some RSS readers do not support RSS files larger than approximately 150KB or 2,800 lines? Did you know that it is highly recommended to implement CSS3 properties with caution, because most modules of CSS3 are not standardised yet, and browser support varies?